A Runaway Slave, an Anti-Slavery Party, and the first Republican Primaries – American Minute with Bill Federer

By the time of the Civil War, the slave population in the United States had grown to four million. The two major political parties in...

Terrorist Attack in Israel Targets School Children, 1 Dead and 17 Injured

Two West Bank Palestinians working in Israel illegally reportedly rammed at more than one vehicle into children as the school day was ending in the city of Ra'anana this week.

Former ‘Diversity Manager’ at Facebook Pleads Guilty to Stealing $4 Million From Company

A former Facebook "Diversity Manager" plead guilty to stealing more than $4 million from the company through an "elaborate scheme involving fraudulent vendors, fictitious charges, and cash kickbacks," prosecutors said.

Venezuelan Illegal Immigrants Steal From Macy’s Store in Chicago Suburb

Two illegal immigrants from Venezuela living in Chicago were arrested last week for allegedly stealing merchandise from a Macy’s in Oakbrook, Illinois.

China Uses AI for DNA Technology

China is using artificial intelligence (AI) for DNA technology, according to UK MP Sir Iain Duncan Smith.

Carjackings Up 108%

Washington, D.C., has had 901 carjackings in 2023.

Lawmakers Consider Banning CCP-Linked Biotech Firm Accused of Stealing DNA

Congressional lawmakers are considering banning Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI), a Chinese Communist Party (CCP) firm that has been accused of stealing Americans' DNA.

Former Florida Rep. Sentenced to Four Months in Prison For COVID Fraud

Former Florida Republican state Rep. Joseph Harding has been sentenced to four months in prison after pleading guilty on charges related to committing fraud surrounding COVID relief funds.

Biological Boy Wins Homecoming Queen at Missouri High School

A teenage boy who identifies as a girl was crowned homecoming queen at a high school in Missouri last week.

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