Biden’s Absence from 9/11 Ceremonies: What Does It Signal?

This year marks the 22nd anniversary of the horrific events of September 11, 2001. Across the nation, Americans have come together to honor the...

Disney Shares Plunge to Nine-Year Low Amid Company’s ‘Woke’ Push

On Thursday, Disney shares took a 3.9% hit.

Influencer Charged With Inciting Riot In New York City

"Twitch" influencer Kai Cenat has been charged with inciting a riot after at least 1,000 kids and teens showed up in New York City's Union Square Park after he announced a PlayStation giveaway.

Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas Directs Agency To Drop The Term ‘Illegal Alien’

Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said last week that he has directed the agency to stop using the term “illegal alien” when referring to foreign nationals who come into the United States illegally.

California School District Adopts Policy Requiring Schools to Inform Parents of Child’s Gender Identity

A school district in Chino Valley, California, adopted a policy requiring parents to be notified if their child expresses a gender identity that differs from his or her biological sex.

Target Changes Course, Agrees to Sell Conservative Talk Show Host Mark Levin’s Book

After initially refusing to sell Conservative talk show host Mark Levin's book, Target has reversed course and will now sell the book, "The Democrat Party Hates America."

Hispanics Now Make Up Largest Texas Demographic

Hispanics outnumber white Texans by about 129,000.

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