Maui Fires: ‘Climate Change’ Claims Challenged by New Findings

"Blaming this on weather and climate is misleading."

Biden Admin Releases Research Plan for ‘Solar Radiation Modification’ to Combat Climate Change

"SRM offers the possibility of cooling the planet significantly on a timescale of a few years," according to the report.

12-Year-Old Girl Bakes 2,000 Cinnamon Rolls to Raise Money for Christian Charities

A 12-year-old girl in Mobile, Alabama, is getting praise after baking nearly 2,000 cinnamon rolls for Christian missionaries.

Russia Unveils ‘Greater Eurasian Partnership’ as ‘Flagship’ Foreign Policy Project—Encompasses Europe and Asia

Project is not just a cornerstone of Russia's foreign policy, but an endeavor to foster cooperation, peace, and interconnected growth throughout the vast Eurasian continent.

Swiss, German Newspapers Link Nord Stream Explosion to Ukraine

Following the explosions on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines in the Baltic Sea on September 26, 2022, investigators are making new headway with two leads pointing to Ukraine, as reported by Switzerland's Tages-Anzeiger and Germany’s Süddeutsche Zeitung.

China Rejects High-Level Meeting with U.S. Defense Secretary Amid Sanctions Dispute

Chinese embassy spokesperson urges U.S. to "show sincerity" and "take concrete actions to create the conditions and atmosphere needed for communication."

70-Car Train Carrying Hazardous Materials Derails in North Dakota

A 70-car train carrying hazardous materials derailed in North Dakota with 31 cars derailing, some of which leaked petroleum, but no injuries were reported.

SPLC Lawyer Among Antifa Militants Who Launch Violent Attack on Atlanta Police: Domestic Terrorism

Antifa militants launched a violent attack on Atlanta police while guarding a construction site for a first responder training facility, resulting in nearly two dozen suspects being arrested on suspicion of domestic terrorism, including an SPLC lawyer.

U.S. Military Aid To Ukraine Exceeds The Amount Given to Afghanistan

The United States has officially given more military aid to Ukraine then Afghanistan.

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