South China Sea

U.S. and China Vow to Mend Ties, but Contentious Issues Remain Unresolved

Blinken's emphasis remained on the resumption of military-to-military communication, a U.S. priority that China has consistently declined since 2021.

China to Establish an ‘Eavesdropping Facility’ in Cuba

The site will reportedly be located about 100 miles from Florida.

Leaked Documents Show More Chinese Spy Balloon Operations

According to a new report, documents leaked online show that China has targeted America and other countries with up to four other spy balloons.

Chinese Rocket’s Military Spy Satellites Break Up Over Texas, Debris Field Miles Wide

A Chinese rocket's second stage that launched three military surveillance satellites in June broke up over Texas with a debris field that could be several hundred miles long.

Pentagon: China’s Supply of Nukes Is Rapidly Rising

Beijing accelerated its nuclear weapons program last year and has nearly doubled its supply of warheads since 2020 to past 400, a size that...

3 Takeaways From the CCP Congress Where Xi Jinping Tightened His Stranglehold on China

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) just concluded its 20th party congress.

Former New Zealand PM Doesn’t See Beijing as ‘The Aggressor’

Former New Zealand Prime Minister John Key said he does not see the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as “the aggressor” and he had opposed pressure to be more outspoken on the regime.

China Locks Down World’s Largest Wholesale Hub, South China Sea Port Due to New COVID Outbreak

Chinese communist regime has put the world largest wholesale hub, Yiwu city in east China, under semi lockdown due to a new outbreak of COVID-19.

Pentagon Official Warns That China Is Acquiring New Weapons Five Times Faster Than US

A top Air Force official is warning that China is now getting its hands on new military equipment "five to six times" faster than the U.S., a report says.

In Starker Terms Than Ever, China Threatens War Over Taiwan

At a recent conference, China was defiant and confrontational and the Biden administration continued to be ambiguous and uninspiring.

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