Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Calls House Republicans ‘Irresponsible’ For Wanting Spending Cuts Amid Debt Ceiling Battle

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen asserted on Saturday that House Republicans attempting to negotiate spending cuts amid the renewed debt ceiling battle are “very irresponsible.”

Murders Already Soaring In Major U.S. Cities This Year

Spates of deadly violence impacted several U.S. cities to start 2023, outpacing the same period in 2022.

At Davos, Conformity Is Required, and Debate Is a Cancel-Worthy Sin

If you’re watching the World Economic Forum’s annual ruling class confab in Davos this week, you might be surprised by the lack of disagreement among the rich and powerful there.

Davos Is So Predictable

These days, world leaders are meeting in Davos.

‘Cancel Culture Is a Tactic the Left Uses’—Kirk Cameron Hosts Controversial Pastor Douglas Wilson on ‘Takeaways’

In a recent episode of his TBN show “Takeaways,” Kirk Cameron tackled the topic of “cancel culture.”

Biden Admin Considers ‘Ban’ on Natural Gas Stoves

"Any option is on the table," says Consumer Product Safety Commission official.

America Has a ‘Pandemic of Fatherlessness’ Contributing to Gender Confusion, Suicide, and More, Author Says

America is suffering from a pandemic that is not a virus, it “is a pandemic of fatherlessness."

Biden Administration Tightens Border Control for Four Countries

Cuba, Haiti, Nicaragua, and Venezuela.

Privacy Advocate Throws Red Flag Over Payment Processors’ Growing Control Over Businesses, and Your Life

It’s not just censorship by big tech that conservatives need to be wary of.

Virginia High School Accused of Withholding Academic Awards in the Name of ‘Equity’

Top high school in Virginia accused of delaying academic awards and implementing policy that gives students a 50% grade just for attending class, leading to concerns about the "dumbing down of America" and a "war on merit" in the education system.

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