Zelensky Asks Clinton-Connected Marina Abramovic to Be Ambassador

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky asked Marina Abramović to be an ambassador for Ukraine.

Biden Announces Another $325 Million Military Aid Package to Ukraine

Encompasses a range of military equipment, including anti-tank weaponry, cluster munitions, and air defense capabilities.

Biden Falls Asleep During Ceremony Honoring Maui Fire Victims

During a somber ceremony in Lahaina, intended to comfort the fire survivors and commemorate the losses experienced, President Joe Biden seemed to momentarily lose focus.

14 Major U.S. Cities to Ban Meat, Dairy, Private Transportation

The C40 Cities' agenda may lead to thousands of deaths due to lack of nutrition.

U.N.’s ‘Our Common Agenda’ Allows Unprecedented Power Be Given to Global Body in Event of ‘Complex Global Shocks’

The United Nations would be the ultimate authority in both public and private matters.

United Nations Planning ‘Emergency Platform’ for Global Power

The United Nations (U.N.) is planning to adopt a "Pact for the Future" during a September 2024 event.

WEF Concludes ‘Annual Meeting of the New Champions’ with Plans Toward Global Social Credit and Digital Surveillance

The World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting of the New Champions gathered in Tianjin, China, last week to discuss the latest ideas for supporting “the global transition to a green and renewable economy.”

European Commission Announces $55 Billion Package for Ukraine

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has introduced a $54.5 billion fund until 2027 for Ukraine.

Rockefeller Center Celebrates ‘Strength in Solidarity’

Rockefeller Center is celebrating LGBTQ "Strength in Solidarity" by raising an abundance of Pride flags.

Florida Deploys Over 1,100 Assets to Aid Texas in Border Security Crisis

"The impacts of Biden’s Border Crisis are felt by communities across the nation, and the federal government’s abdication of duty undermines the sovereignty of our country and the rule of law," said DeSantis during the announcement.

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