Ohio Students Plan Walk Out in Protest of Transgender Bathroom Policy

A group of students staged a walkout Monday on their school’s campus to protest its transgender bathroom policy that has frustrated the community of Elida, Ohio.

Student ACT Scores at 30-Year Low

Student ACT scores are at a 30-year low, with some universities looking to drop admission testing requirements entirely.

China to Double Size of Space Station As An Alternative To The International Space Station

The China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) said last week that it intends to double the size of China’s Tiangong space station, extending its operational life to more than 15 years and pushing the platform to replace the International Space Station (ISS).

Kentucky, Tennessee Laws Prohibiting Transgender Treatment for Minors Takes Effect

A federal appeals court allowed Tennessee's and Kentucky's laws against transgender treatments for minors to take effect.

Border Overwhelmed in San Diego as Mass Migrant Release Begins

Border Patrol agents in San Diego are releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants as they continue to deal with a surge of migrants.

Pentagon Confirms Depleted Uranium Rounds to Ukraine Despite Danger to Civilians

"Depleted uranium may pose a risk to both soldiers and local civilian populations," according to Harvard International Review.

California School District Settles in Secret Gender Transition Case for $100,000

In a landmark case, the Spreckels Union School District in Salinas, California, has agreed to a $100,000 settlement with a mother and her daughter, who accused staff at Buena Vista Middle School of secretly guiding the 11-year-old girl to transition to a male identity.

Ramaswamy’s Presidential Run: A Game of Smoke and Mirrors? (Opinion)

Vivek's company is owned by BlackRock, the same asset manager he demonizes.

Afghanistan Women, Girls Pay Price Two Years After Biden Withdrawal Leaves Taliban In Charge: AP

Women and girls have been restricted from public places like parks, gyms, and universities, as well as from employment opportunities with NGOs and the United Nations.

Arizona Taxpayer Money Provided for ‘Queer Blended Learning Center’

The Queer Blended Learning Center, organized by “one n ten,” an activist group, is opening with funds from taxpayer-funded vouchers.

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