NFL Fans Erupt in Boos After ‘Black National Anthem’ Performance

A local choir performed a song some consider to be the “black national anthem,” resulting in boos from the crowd watching the Kansas City Chiefs play the Detroit Lions.

Brazilian Government Arrests Patriotic Gospel Singer, 8 Other Conservatives

The Brazilian government arrested gospel singer Fernanda Ôliver after she performed while “wearing the Brazilian flag on her shoulders."

Christians Win $300,000 Settlement After Wrongful Arrest for Attending Church During COVID

The individuals—Gabriel Rench, Sean Bohnet, and his wife Rachel Bohnet—had initiated a civil lawsuit against the city, claiming their First Amendment rights were violated during a religious gathering in 2020.

Trump Invites Children’s Choir Stopped from Singing National Anthem by Capitol Police

The original performance was interrupted despite the choir having permission from U.S. representatives.

Capitol Police Interrupt Children’s Choir Singing National Anthem in Statuary Hall (Watch)

The Rushingbrook Children's Choir was partway through a rendition of the "Star-Spangled Banner" when Capitol police intervened, citing potential offenses or issues that could arise.

Parents Protest Drag Queen Performance At Public High School

A group of parents from Massachusetts gathered last week to protest a scheduled drag queen performance to be hosted at Newton North High School.

Country Artists Announce Benefit Concert For School Shooting Victims In Nashville

Multiple county music artists will appear at a concert to benefit the families of victims of the Covenant School shooting in Nashville, Tennessee.

New Song ‘Trump Won’ Topping Charts: Christian Singer Natasha Owens (Video)

Singer Natasha Owens discussed her chart-climbing single "Trump Won and You Know It" on Steve Bannon's The War Room, expressing her desire to perform at Trump's rallies.

Trump, J6 Prison Choir Song on iTunes Top Charts

Former President Donald Trump and the J6 Prison Choir's song "Justice For All" is number 1 on iTunes music charts.

Viral Kentucky Prayer ‘Revival’ Begins Second Week

A routine prayer service at a small Christian college in Kentucky has blossomed into a nonstop revival, garnering millions of viewers on social media as it begins its second week.

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