North Dakota Governor Passes Bill Requiring Teachers Inform Parents About Child’s Gender

North Dakota Republican Gov. Doug Burgum signed a bill into law this week requiring that teachers inform parents if their child identifies as transgender.

North Dakota Won’t Force Teachers To Use Students’ ‘Preferred Pronouns’

North Dakota has passed a law that would not force public school teachers to used the preferred pronouns of trans-identfied students and colleagues.

Mark Wahlberg Says He Left California for Nevada ‘to Give My Kids a Better Life’

Action star Mark Wahlberg has said goodbye to Hollywood and moved his family to Nevada, a simple choice he said made “to give my kids a better life.”

Report: Biden Leases Fewer Acres For Oil And Gas Drilling Than Any President Since 1940s

A new report from the Department of the Interior shows the Biden Administration has leased fewer acres of land for oil and gas drilling on federal lands and waters since former President Harry Truman in the 1940s.

Alleged Biden Daughter’s Diary Revealing Joe Molested Her Seemingly Authenticated After Pair Pleads Guilty to Stealing It

Ashley writes she was sexually molested as a child and shared "probably not appropriate" showers with her father, Joe Biden.

German Green Party Minister Calls for Tax on Meat

Even as the people of Germany struggle with a serious cost of living crisis, they are being told by a Green Party minister that there should be a new tax on meat.

Weather Improves for Millions of Americans on 4th of July

FOX Weather meteorologists will be tracking storms in the Southeast and Midwest heading into America’s 246th birthday.

Biden Wants to Solidify ‘Gender Identity’ Protections in Schools Under Title IX

The Biden administration proposed new regulations on the 50th anniversary of Title IX, which prohibits sex-based discrimination in schools.

Biden Admin Wants Kids to Starve if Schools Don’t Let Boys Use Girls Showers and Bathrooms

The National School Lunch Program feeds approximately 30 million kids nationwide daily.

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