Arizona Governor Vetoes Bill Codifying Biological Sex

Arizona Governor Katie Hobbs (D) vetoed a bill that would have codified the biological definition of “woman.”

Senate Bill 1628 called for “sex-based terms in law,” and stated that sex is “objective and fixed.”

“An individual with a difference in sex development does not establish a third sex,” the bill reads. “Any other term that is intended to convey a person’s subjective sense of self and may not be used as a synonym or substitute for the term sex.

Republican Senate President Warren Peterson said in a statement, “Instead of helping these confused boys and men, Democrats are only fueling the disfunction by pretending biological sex doesn’t matter.”

“Our daughters, granddaughters, nieces, and neighbors are growing up in a dangerous time where they are living with an increased risk of being victimized in public bathrooms, showers, and locker rooms because Democrats are now welcoming biological males into what used to be traditionally safe, single-sex spaces,” he said.

In a letter explaining her veto, Hobbs wrote, “As I have said time and again, I will not sign legislation that attacks Arizonans.”

Hobbs also vetoed a bill that would have permitted public schools to display the Ten Commandments.

“Not only do I have serious concerns about the constitutionality of this legislation, it is also unnecessary,” the governor wrote.