Set Fire

FBI Investigates Arson Cases at Conservative Think Tank

The FBI has launched an investigation to find the individuals who set fire to two offices belonging to conservative organizations in Minnesota last month.

Biden Admin Reportedly Considers Assassination of Niger Coup Military Leaders

The information comes from the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR).

Muslims Attack 3 Christian Churches in Eastern Pakistan

This rash action was a consequence of accusations that a local Christian individual, named Raja Amir, and his associate had allegedly "desecrated" the Quran.

Niger Coup Results in Ruling Party Headquarters Fire, President Losing Power

Seventh coup in West and Central Africa since 2020.

Column Dismisses Violent Pro-Abortion Extremism as Pro-lifers Face Surge of Attacks

There's been some pretty clear denial, especially lately, when it comes to the surge of violence that pro-life organizations and churches have experienced at the hands of radical pro-abortion extremists.

Energy Nightmare in Europe Exposes Parallel Renewable Energy Problem for United States

At the beginning of September, approximately 70,000 people took to the streets of the Czech Republic’s capital city of Prague calling for the government...

1,000 Girls Raped, Sexually Abused Because Cops Feared Being Called “Racist”

For 30 years, police in Telford, England, did nothing while 200 men raped and/or sexually abused 1,000 girls.

Christian Nigerian Woman Stoned to Death, Set on Fire

A female student in northern Nigeria was killed by a mob who stoned, beat and set fire to her for allegedly posting a blasphemous statement against the Prophet Mohammed, according to police.

Mexican Illegal Alien Arrested For Allegedly Starting Multiple California Wildfires That Threatened Endangered Species

"The accused arsonist, an 18-year-old male Mexican national, was arrested for illegal entry into the United States, and transported to the El Centro Sector Processing Center (CPC)"

Catholic clergyman killed in France, suspect reportedly under police supervision for arson of cathedral

A Catholic priest has been killed in Saint-Laurent-sur-Sevre, a commune in the Vendee, by a man who had reportedly been placed under police supervision, having set fire to a cathedral in Nantes in 2020.

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