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Massachusetts Emergency Shelters Reach Full Capacity

Massachusetts' emergency shelter system reached capacity amid the ongoing immigration crisis.

Zuckerberg Summoned to Florida by State Attorney General Over Human Trafficking Concerns on Meta Platforms

"The findings of our statewide survey and other reports make it clear that Meta platforms are the preferred social media applications for human traffickers looking to prey on vulnerable people," Florida's attorney general said.

Over 16.8 Million Illegal Aliens Reside in the U.S., Costing a Staggering $163 Billion Annually: FAIR Analysis

FAIR's analysis suggests that "at the current pace of illegal immigration, more new illegal aliens will have settled in the U.S. in the first three years of the Biden administration than in the entire decade of the 2010s."

Seattle Funeral Homes Now Offer ‘Human Composting’

Called "natural organic reduction."

EU in Final ‘Investigative’ Stage for Digital Currency

The European Central Bank is in the final stage of investigating the digital euro project, which aims to create a digital currency accessible to all citizens of the euro area.

New Florida Bill Could Result in Jail Time and Fines for Transgender Individuals Who Use Wrong Restroom

A new bill in the Florida legislature would make it a misdemeanor for transgender individuals to not use the bathrooms associated with their sex at birth, resulting in criminal charges, jail time, and fines.

AT&T Loses $10 Billion in Stock Value After Dropping Newsmax

Since DirecTV dropped Newsmax on Jan. 24, AT&T's stock has fallen by almost 7%, wiping nearly $10 billion from its market value.

Life Keeps Winning in Texas. Here’s What Other States Can Learn.

On November 28, the Dallas Morning News admitted that Texas Democrats didn’t get the support that they had anticipated during the 2022 midterm elections.

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