Seniors Face Drug Cost Increase While Biden Admin Gives Billions to China for EVs

The Biden administration's recent policy decisions have sparked significant debate, particularly its repeal of the Trump-era drug rebate rule and substantial funding for Chinese electric vehicles (EVs). 

Maine Creating LGBTQ-Only Housing

Portland, Maine, is developing a housing complex specifically for LGBTQ-identifying individuals.

University of Chicago Withholds Four Diplomas Over Anti-Israel Protests

The University of Chicago withheld the diplomas of four students involved with a pro-Palestinian encampment.

$900 Million Granted to ‘Green’ School Buses

The Biden administration is giving $900 million to "green" school bus endeavors.

Hundreds of Anti-Israel Protesters Disrupt UC Berkley Graduation

Anti-Israel protesters disrupted UC Berkeley's campus-wide commencement ceremony on Saturday morning when a large group began loudly chanting.

Columbia University Cancels Main Commencement Ceremony

Columbia University has canceled its university-wide commencement ceremony.

Columbia University President Breaks Silence on Anti-Israel Protests

Columbia University President Minouche Shafik broke her silence concerning the pro-Palestinian protesters who took over the campus for the past few weeks.

Concerns Raised Over Biden Administration’s Student Loan Application Rollout

A concerned stepfather impacted by the Biden administration's rollout of a new federal student loan application spoke out against the implementation that has left...

Teens Yell ‘Death to Jews’ at Florida Synagogue

Police have launched an investigation after a group of teens on bicycles cried out "death to Jews" to people leaving a synagogue.

Student ACT Scores at 30-Year Low

Student ACT scores are at a 30-year low, with some universities looking to drop admission testing requirements entirely.

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