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Fauci Won’t Answer Whether Gov’t Vax Approval Committee Members Are Paid by Vax Manufacturers (Video)

"People who receive royalties are not required to divulge them," said Fauci.

Biden Education Sec Says Biological Males Should Be Allowed to Compete in Girls’ Sports (Video)

Refuses to answer question on whether school districts should keep a child's involvement in gender transition a secret from parents.

Rand Paul: ‘Elitists Want A One World Government; It’s Not A Conspiracy Theory’ (Video)

Senator Rand Paul appeared on Fox News Thursday and discussed the ongoing World Economic Forum gathering in Davos Switzerland, remarking that it is not...

US Aid to Ukraine Looks ‘Like Money Laundering Scheme’ – Congresswoman

The financial support America provides to Ukraine looks very much “like money laundering schemes,” Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) has told ‘The Truth With Lisa Boothe’ podcast on Monday.

Republicans Remind Taxpayers How Much Biden Is Costing Them on Tax Day

As Ronald Reagan once quipped, "Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but the Democrats believe every day is April 15," Tax Day in most years.

Rand Paul Introducing ‘Fauci Amendment’ to Prevent ‘Health Dictatorship’

Senator says action will “ensure that ineffective, unscientific lockdowns and mandates are never foisted on the American people ever again.”

Dr. Fauci Added to Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery

Dr. Anthony Fauci's portrait will now be displayed at the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery.

‘It’s Medical Malpractice to Force Vaccines on Children’: Sen. Rand Paul

“We now have the scientific evidence that shows the risk of myocarditis for young males is greater for the vaccine than it is for the disease," Paul explained.

New Leaked Military Documents Tie Fauci to Gain-of-Function Research of Bat Coronaviruses: ‘Project Defuse’

D.A.R.P.A. insider Joseph Murphy provides military report discussing "potential risks of Gain of Function" in response to EcoHealth Alliance's proposal seeking funding to conduct gain of function research of bat-borne coronaviruses.

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