Republicans Compare Severe Jan 6 Punishments to Mere Repremand for Democrat Who Pulled U.S. Capitol Fire Alarm

Rep. Bowman believed pulling the Capitol's fire alarm would "open the door."

Mel Gibson, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Sound Alarm on Armenian Christian ‘Ethnic Cleansing’ (Video)

“History tragically repeats itself as we witness a modern-day genocide unfolding," Gibson said.

Virginia Farmer’s Livelihood at Risk After Government Raid on Property

An Amish farmer's livelihood in Virginia is at risk after the Virginia Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services (VDACS) raided and seized his property.

Zelensky Uploads Video of Him Speaking With Ukraine’s Famous Neo-Nazi

Ukraine President Vlodymyr Zelenky uploaded a video of an “open conversation” between himself and Andriy Biletsky, founder of the Azov Battalion.

U.S.-Canada Border Smuggling Operations Increase 575% Across Washington State

Washington State's border patrol agents have reported a 575% increase in smuggling operations across the U.S.-Canada border.

New York Times Excuses Song Calling for White Genocide

The New York Times published an article excusing the song "Kill the Boer."

Chinese Lab in California Experimenting with HIV, Hepatitis, Herpes, Coronavirus Shut Down

An illegal laboratory in Fresno County, California was discovered to have been experimenting with multiple infectious diseases.

Banks Have Filed More Than 170 Suspicious Activity Reports Tied to Alleged Biden Family Corruption: Rep. Comer

Allegations of money laundering, human trafficking, and tax fraud tied to the Biden family.

Ukraine Extends Martial Law, Pushes Back Elections

Under Ukraine's martial law, men within the age bracket of 18-60 are prohibited from exiting the country.

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