Second Time

First Lady Jill Biden Tests Positive for COVID-19 Despite Being Double-Vaccinated and Twice Boosted

Biden had not only received her initial vaccine doses but had also been administered two booster shots.

A New Covid ‘Variant’…Just in Time for Election Season!: Ron Paul

The “unvaccinated” are again to be denied basic human rights in the name of fighting a virus that the vaccine demonstrably does not protect against.

California Republican Party Changes Rules For Delegates in State Primaries, Giving Trump Potential Advantage

The California Republican Party changed its rules for delegates in the state's presidential primary, a move that could benefit former President Donald Trump.

Biden Admin Increases Number of Migrants Allowed in U.S. Via ‘CBP One’ Mobile App

The daily limit has now been upped to 1,450, marking an almost 50% rise from the initial figure.

High School Valedictorian Says ‘Jesus Told Me to Write’ Speech

Lydia Owens' valedictorian speech went viral after the contents of the speech revolved around her faith.

Meta-Analysis Shows Natural Immunity More Effective Than COVID Vaccination

The meta-analysis claims, "The level of protection against re-infection, symptomatic disease, and severe disease appears to be at least as durable, if not more so, than that provided by two-dose vaccination with the mRNA vaccines."

Gavin Newsom Takes ‘Personal Trip’ to Mexico Amid California Storms, Tests Positive for COVID

This is the second time the California governor has had COVID-19.

Kremlin Reacts to Nord Stream Sabotage Claim

Russia is concerned by attempts to silently wind down the investigation into last year’s explosions on the Nord Stream gas pipelines, Kremlin Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov has said.

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