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Elementary School Denies Prayer Club, Welcomes Pride Club

A Washington elementary school has been accused of violating two students' First Amendment rights after it denied their request to create a prayer club.

Ashby School Bus Driver Summoned for Alleged Assault on Student

A school bus driver accused of assaulting a student in Ashby on Tuesday will face a criminal charge, authorities announced Wednesday. Ashby Police Chief Derek...

Trump PAC Launches Website Highlighting Surging Food Prices Under Biden

A political action committee (PAC) from Make America Great Again Inc. developed a website that reveals the price hikes in food under the Biden administration.

Lawsuit Underway After Texas School District Bans Employee from Praying at Flagpole

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Staci Barber, an employee of the Katy Independent School District in Houston, Texas.

Pastor Removed From School Board Meeting After Reading Explicit Book Available to Students

A pastor was removed from a Texas school board meeting after reading content from an explicit book available to students at the Midland Independent School District.

California Parents Gather to Protest Children’s Gender Transitions, Indoctrination

Hundreds of California parents gathered last weekend in Los Angeles to stand against the infringement of parental rights as children undergo secret gender transitions in public schools.

Virginia Schools Allow Students to Opt Out Of Holocaust Lesson

The largest school district in Virginia will allow students to skip a presentation from a Holocaust survivor, saying the diverse district includes students with “different experiences.”

California School Organized Secret LGBTQ Club

Parents have discovered that Pleasant Grove Elementary School developed a secret LGBTQ club for students.

Librarians Hide LGBTQ, BLM Content from Parents

A South Carolina school hid LGBTQ and BLM materials from parents by restricting access to a catalog, according to a Daily Signal report.

Border Patrol Prohibited from Washington School District, Children ‘Traumatized’

A school district in Spokane, Washington, voted to prohibit Border Patrol agents from its schools, claiming they would create distress among children.

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