Disney Employees, Illegal Immigrants Among Large-Scale Human Trafficking Operation in Florida: 219 Arrests

"Not only did we arrest more suspects during this single operation than we have ever arrested before, we identified 21 human trafficking victims; during a similar operation in February, we identified 24 victims," Sheriff Grady Judd of Polk County stated.

Far-Left Outlet Alleges Tim Ballard Engaged in Sexual Misconduct

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is distancing itself from Ballard's alleged "morally unacceptable" behavior.

Attorney General Garland Announces Special Counsel for Hunter Biden Probe (Watch)

In his statement from the Justice Department’s Washington headquarters, Attorney General Garland revealed that the decision came after the investigation had "reached the stage" where the powers of a special counsel were necessary to continue.

Sens. Cotton, Rubio Warn Against China, Russia Acquisition of American Media Outlet

The acquisition could also allow “foreign powers to use Forbes' wide reach to influence voters during close elections.”

Jan 6 Events Were a ‘Cover Up’: Ex-Capitol Police Chief

"If I was allowed to do my job as the chief, we wouldn't be here, this didn't have to happen," said ex-Capitol Police Chief Steven Sund.

Bill Barr ‘Will Not Endorse Trump,’ Does Not Know How He Will Vote in General Election

Former Attorney General Bill Barr told NBC News that he will not vote for Trump in future elections.

Alabama Woman Arrested For Lying About Being Kidnapped On Side of Highway

The Alabama woman who lied about being kidnapped after spotting a toddler on the side of a highway was arrested for the hoax last week.

Chinese Military Training Kindergartners to Become Soldiers

“The CCP wanted Chinese youth to believe that being PLA martyrs was glorious," said co-founder of Republicans Overseas Solomon Yue.

Republicans Who Chose Not to Stand With Biden, McCarthy Debt Ceiling Agreement

Over three dozen House Republicans have decided to not side with Kevin McCarthy and his debt ceiling bill.

Satellite Phones Distributed to Over Half of Senate Members: Escalating Security Concerns

At least 50 senators have taken possession of the offered phones.

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