Rocket Attacks

US Launches Multiple Airstrikes in Syria

The United States military announced on Tuesday that it launched airstrikes this week in northeastern Syria. The strikes were targeted at militant groups linked...

Israel Confirms Gaza Ceasefire

The truce comes into effect at 11:30pm local time.

Russia Warns Ukraine It Might Strike Kiev

The Russian military said it could target decision-makers in Kiev if Ukraine continues attempting attacks on Russian soil.

Russia Announces Another Ceasefire for Humanitarian Corridors in Ukraine, as Attacks Enter Week Two

The ceasefire reportedly includes safe evacuation routes into Russia, a plan Ukraine calls "unacceptable.'

Israel Will Respond Strongly to Any Further Rocket Attacks From Gaza, Netanyahu Warns

On Thursday, the office of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed that the Security Cabinet had voted unanimously to approve a ceasefire between Tel Aviv and Hamas.

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