FBI Investigated Parents Angry at School Boards

House Judiciary Committee Republicans claimed Wednesday that FBI whistleblowers have disclosed evidence that the Department of Justice opened investigations into parents for allegedly threatening school boards.

GOP Calls Out Chicago Mayor’s ‘Call to Arms’ Against Abortion Ban: ‘If This Isn’t a Call to Insurrection, What Is?’

The leftist mayor implied in her push that the court would come for LGBTQ rights next.

Parents of Kids Under 18 Almost Twice as Likely to Vote Republican Over Democrat, New Poll Finds

Parents of children under 18 are nearly twice as likely to vote for Republican candidates over Democratic counterparts.

France Is Becoming More Conservative

France's right wing is going mainstream.

Big Tech Censored Anti-Biden Content 646 Times Over Two Years

A database that tracks Big Tech censorship of President Joe Biden's critics has found more than 640 examples of bias against posts that could politically damage the president.

Catholic Priest, Nun Injured In Stabbing Attack At French Church

A man stabbed a Catholic priest several times and injured a nun at a French church on Sunday after shouting, “We have to kill Macron.”

Republicans Were 4.6x More Likely to Be Suspended by Twitter in the Six Months After the 2020 Election

A study of 9,000 politically active Twitter users who shared election hashtags in October 2020, half Republican and half Democrat, found that in the six months following the 2020 US presidential election, Republicans were 4.6x more likely to get suspended from the platform than Democrats.

Prager: Totalitarianism ‘Is Part of Human Nature’

Dennis Prager contemplates the dark side of mankind in light of Shanghai lockdowns.

Macron Refuses to Call Russian Atrocities in Ukraine ‘Genocide’

French President Emmanuel Macron has sparked fury after publicly refusing to follow in the footsteps of other European leaders in calling the Russian atrocities committed in Ukrainian towns such as Bucha “genocide.”

BLM Claims $6 Million California Mansion Bought for Cultivating ‘Joy’

Black Lives Matter recently purchased a $6 million California mansion for the purpose of cultivating “joy” among the black community, the organization announced Monday.

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