Supreme Courts in Texas, Ohio Block Efforts to Reinstate Access to Abortions

Texas’s and Ohio’s Supreme Courts have given the go-ahead for the states to enforce their respective state laws that ban abortion, blocking efforts that barred the laws from taking effect, coming after the U.S. Supreme Court last week overturned the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling.

Poll Shows Vast Majority of Americans Want to Protect the Unborn

Around 80% of Americans said they believe the unborn have the right to life.

GOP Calls for Pro-Abortion Group to Be Designated as ‘Domestic Terrorists’ by FBI

Jane's revenge has taken responsibility for multiple attacks on pro-life centers.

House GOP Members Introduce Bill Rescinding No-Fly Zones Over Disney Parks

Rep. Troy Nehls, R-Texas, introduced legislation Monday that would direct the Secretary of Transportation to revoke no-fly zones over Disneyland and Disney World, the Daily Caller reported.

Biden’s Proposals for Gun Control

Joe Biden's address focused on banning "assault weapons."

Victory for Ted Cruz as Supreme Court Rebuffs Biden Administration, Strikes Down Campaign Spending Rule

In a 6-3 vote the Supreme Court struck down as unconstitutional a campaign finance rule regulating the repayment of loans by a candidate to his own campaign, handing a win on May 16 to Republican Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas, who challenged the Federal Election Commission (FEC) regulation.

UK Ends Daily COVID-19 Updates

The UK government has decided to stop its daily COVID-19 updates, and from now on the figures will only be updated on the official dashboard twice a week.

FDA Restricts J&J COVID Vax Due to ‘Life-Threatening’ Side Effects

The vaccine was found to cause potentially fatal blood clots.

No One Can Be Forced to Be Vaccinated, Says India’s Top Court as COVID Cases Surge

A former member of the National Technical Advisory Group of Immunisation, Jacob Puliyel, approached India's supreme court and argued that the ruling by the state's government that a person must be vaccinated to gain access to benefits or services is a violation of human rights and, therefore, unconstitutional.

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