Almost All San Francisco Restaurants Experienced Graffiti or Property Crime in August

According to a survey conducted by the Golden Gate Restaurant Association, nearly 97% of San Francisco restaurants experienced graffiti or crime against their establishments in August.

McDonald’s Says New California Law Raising Minimum Wage For Fast-Food Workers to $20 an Hour is ‘Draconian’

The National Owners Association called California’s new AB 1228 "draconian" and expensive to franchisees in a memo distributed to its members.

NYC Climate Activists Propose Cracking Down on Wood Stoves

A proposed mandate in New York City is asking restaurants install emission-control devices to replace wood and coal stoves.

U.S. Regulators Approve Lab-Grown Meat Despite Safety Concerns

Taste testers sign a waiver that reads, "The cultured meat and related food products in the Tasting are experimental" and "The properties are not completely known."

Transgender Activists Appear Topless at White House Pride Event After Biden Aims to ‘Restore Honor and Decency’ During His Presidency (Video)

Transgender activists filmed themselves flaunting bare chests in front of the White House during President Biden's so-called "Pride Month" celebration over the weekend.

Biden Hosts ‘Pride Month’ Celebration at White House Over The Weekend

President Joe Biden hosted a ‘pride month’ celebration picnic on the South Lawn at the White House over the weekend.

Joe Biden’s Brother Primary Figure in Family Business Deals

A House Republican investigation may expose James Biden's involvement in the Biden family business dealings.

Trump-Era Federal Judge Overturns Berkeley’s Biden-Backed Natural Gas Ban, Citing Overreach

"Cities and states cannot ignore federal law in an effort to constrain consumer choice, and it is encouraging that the Ninth Circuit upheld this standard," the California Restaurant Association (CRA) president and CEO said.

NYC Illegal Immigrants Aren’t Vaccinated for Polio, City Instead Mandates COVID-19 Vaccine

New York City's health commissioner, Ashwin Vasan, claimed that half of the illegal immigrants entering the city are not vaccinated against poliovirus.

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