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GOP Condemns Big Tech for Initially Censoring Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Republicans condemned Big Tech companies such as Twitter and Facebook for censoring a New York Post story revealing emails about Hunter Biden’s overseas business dealings in October 2020 following a recent New York Times story confirming the authenticity of laptop emails.

GOP Raises Red Flag on Supreme Court Nominee’s Guantánamo Work

Republicans are raising a red flag over Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson's work on behalf of Guantánamo Bay detainees.

Over 60% Of Americans Think Putin Wouldn’t Have Invaded Ukraine if Trump Were President

An estimated 62% of Americans think Putin wouldn't have invaded Ukraine if Trump were president, while 58% believe Biden's lax international policy prompted Putin to make his move now.

Biden: Gas Prices Are ‘Going to Go up’, ‘Can’t Do Much’ About It

President Joe Biden says gas prices in America that are already at historical highs are going to continue to go up and that there’s not much that can be done about it at this time.

Donald Trump’s Plane Makes Emergency Landing After New Orleans Speech

Former President Donald Trump’s private plane made an emergency landing on Saturday evening after one of its four engines failed about 20 minutes into the flight over the Gulf of Mexico.

Liz Cheney Exposed: Rino’s Husband Has Horrifying Financial Connections to the Murderous CCP

The husband of embattled Wyoming Republican and staunch anti-Trump Rep. Liz Cheney has been revealed as benefiting from big-dollar business deals with the red Chinese, despite Cheney’s claims that she stands against Chinese aggression.

Republicans Officially Censure Cheney & Kinzinger, Remain Loyal Trump: ‘Back Him 100%’

“If President Trump decides he’s running, absolutely the RNC needs to back him, 100%,” said RNC committeewoman Michele Fiore.

RNC Approves Censure Vote of Reps. Cheney, Kinzinger

The lawmakers were censured for their involvement with the House investigation into January 6

Trump Raised $51 Million in Last Half of 2021, Enters New Year With $122 Million

The funds are in federal accounts that don't allow spending on presidential run but allow Trump to fully fund political operations.

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