RNC Launches ‘Protect the Vote’ Initiative

The Republican National Committee (RNC) announced a “Protect the Cote” tour ahead of the 2024 Presidential Election.

The initiative aims to “recruit poll watchers, poll workers, and legal experts to mobilize during the 2024 election season,” according to a press release, adding that the effort’s goals are to “champion election integrity, rally voters for President Trump, and train volunteers to ensure it is easy to vote and hard to cheat this November. ”

“One of the foundations of the United States of America is that all citizens have faith in our electoral process,” RNC Co-Chair Lara Trump said. “Chairman Whatley and I are proud to play a role in ensuring that every American knows that their legal vote matters and counts. No one can sit idly by during this election and we are excited to help every Patriot play a role in the most important election of our lifetime.”

RNC Chairman Michael Whatley similarly stated that the “unprecedented effort to secure our elections will build voter confidence across the country.”

The tour will begin in Michigan on June 14, with subsequent locations and dates being Pennsylvania on June 18, North Carolina on June 20, and Georgia on June 26. More dates are expected to be announced.

In April, the RNC announced the mobilization of over 100,000 election integrity volunteers and lawyers for the endeavor.

An “Election Integrity Hotline” will also be set up in each state where lawyers will monitor questions or concerns from those monitoring the voting.