RFK Jr. Supports Reparations to ‘Rebuild Black Infrastructure’

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. appeared to support reparations on his campaign website.

Majority of California Voters Oppose ‘Reparation’ Payments

Voters said that reparation payments are "unfair."

‘Indigenous Mass Grave’ at Center of $Billions in Reparations Handout Found to Be Rock Pile

The "grave" was located under an allegedly "abusive" Catholic school.

Chicago Begins Handing Out Reparations Payments to Black Residents

Residents in Evanston, Illinois, are now the first in the United States to receive reparations payments.

Bill in California Would Force Judges To Take Race Into Account During Prison Sentencing

A new bill introduced in the state of California would require judges to consider race when giving prison sentences to criminals.

Trump Is Only Living U.S. President Not Connected to Slavery

The Reuters report fails to mention that slavery was commonplace across nearly all nations throughout history.

New York Approves Controversial ‘Reparations’ Bill

It's now pending the consideration of New York Governor Kathy Hochul.

Church Replaces Stained Glass Windows With Image of Jesus as Illegal Immigrant

The Church of St. Mary the Virgin is replacing its stained glass windows with an picture of Jesus as an illegal.

San Francisco’s Proposed Reparation Payments May Cost City Over $100 Billion

San Francisco's proposed reparation payments to Black residents may cost the city over $100 billion.

Newsom Now Says He’s Open To Reparations Payments

California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom’s office said the media was inaccurately reporting his previous comments that he did not support paying reparations to black slave descendants in Californians.

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