North Carolina Supreme Court Rules in Favor of Voter ID

The Supreme Court of North Carolina ruled in favor of voter ID and also granted lawmakers the power to draw redistricting maps Friday.

Supreme Court Rejects Congressional Map Challenge, Gives Republicans Victory

The United States Supreme Court rejected an appeal from a group of Kansas voters who claimed a newly-drawn congressional map discriminated against minorities.

Michigan State Shooter Revealed as Far-Left Democrat

MSU shooter Anthony McRae was a registered ‘liberal democrat’ by a Michigan data vendor.

Disney World ‘Ready to Work’ With DeSantis

“Florida is dissolving the Corporate Kingdom and beginning a new era of accountability and transparency,” said deputy press secretary Redfern.

North Carolina Considers Requiring All Absentee Ballots Arrive by Election Day

An “Election Day Integrity Act” filed in the state Senate on Thursday could change the deadline for absentee ballots in North Carolina.

Conservatives Can Address the Election Disparity (And Maybe Even Start Winning)

In the aftermath of an underwhelming performance by Republicans in the 2022 election, demands have echoed across the internet for conservative leaders to develop a ballot-harvesting and voter-mobilization infrastructure comparable to the Left’s.

GOP Wins Another Congressional Seat in California

A California congressional district currently represented by a Democrat is sending a Republican to Congress.

Los Angeles City Council Censures 3 Democrats for Racist Comments

The Los Angeles City Council after they were overheard talking racially.

Protests Planned After Top L.A. Democrat Caught Using Racial Slurs in Leaked Audio

Liberals cry “racism” non-stop, but in many cases, they are the ones caught committing actual racism.

Democrat Candidate Vicente Gonzalez Claims Texas Special Election Was Stolen

Democrat congressman Vicente Gonzalez took aim at his Republican opponent on Sept. 8, saying outside money was flooding Texas congressional races in an effort...

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