Red Flags

Florida Surgeon General Issues Letter Questioning Presence of DNA in COVID-19 Vaccines

Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo, who previously cautioned against the COVID-19 vaccines, wrote a letter to the FDA questioning the inoculations.

COVID-19 Vaccine mRNA Found in Breast Milk: The Lancet

“[T]race mRNA amounts were detected in 10 exposures up to 45 h post-vaccination.”

‘No Clinical Trial Showing That It Is a Safe Product’: Florida Surgeon General on New Vaccine

"There are a lot of red flags," Florida Surgeon General Joseph Ladapo said.

Gretchen Whitmer Consultant Used Coded Message in ‘Calculated’ Move To Protect Email From Public

A consultant for Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) used letters from the Greek alphabet as a coded message to hide information in an email.

Report Reveals Trans Clinics Provide Puberty Blockers to Children After Brief Consultation

A Reuters report revealed that transgender clinics appear to pressure parents into treating their children with puberty blockers.

John Durham Found ‘Troubling Violations’ Among Crossfire Hurricane FBI Investigators

Special Counsel John Durham told the House Judiciary Committee that he found "troubling violations of law and policy" among the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) members part of the Crossfire Hurricane investigation.

Industry-Funded Research Creates Conflict of Interest: Report

“We just can’t allow corporate PR and product defense to pass as science anymore,” said U.S. Right to Know Executive Director Gary Ruskin.

Bribery Allegations Involving Joe Biden Reported to DOJ in 2018, Predating Whistleblower Claims by Two Years

Former federal prosecutor claimed to have evidence that Joe Biden had "exercised influence to protect" his son's Ukrainian employer "in exchange for payments to Hunter Biden, Devon Archer, and Joe Biden."

Tennessee Governor Requests Increase in School Security Budget

Governor Bill Lee (R-TN) has requested an increase in his school security budget following the shooting at The Covenant School in Nashville.

How Did an Accused Child Rapist Adopt Two Children?

There were more than just warning signs that went unnoticed during gay activists William Dale Zulock Jr. and Zachary "Zack" Jacoby Zulock's expedited adoption process.

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