Teenager Promising ‘Lone Wolf’ Terror Attack in Las Vegas Foiled by FBI

A teenager from Las Vegas who threatened a "lone wolf operation" in support of terrorist organization ISIS was foiled by the FBI, officials said.

FBI Agent Carjacked

An FBI agent was carjacked in Washington, D.C on November 29.

Police Arrest Over 70 Individuals in Human Trafficking Sting Operation

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police arrested 74 individuals in a sting operation.

Apple Settles on $25 Million Settlement for ‘Unintentionally’ Favoring Illegal Workers Over American Citizens

Apple agreed to a $25 million settlement over claims that the company was illegally favoring hiring immigrants over United States citizens, the Department of Justice said.

Defense Department Sends 300 More Troops to Middle East

The Pentagon declared that it was sending 300 more troops to the Middle East amid attacks against U.S. bases.

Hamas Spokesperson Walks Out of BBC Interview When Asked About Killing Innocent Civilians

A spokesperson for Hamas stormed out of a BBC interview last week when asked about the justification of killing innocent civilians in the attack against Israel.

Hamas Releases Two Israeli Hostages

Hamas released two Israeli hostages, according to the Red Cross.

COVID-19 Vaccines Linked to Rheumatic Inflammatory Diseases

A study by researchers from the United Kingdom's National Health Service found that COVID-19 vaccines "may trigger" rheumatic inflammatory diseases.

FOIA Reveals Disinformation Governance Board Sought to Censor Criticism of Afghanistan Withdrawal, Racial Justice, COVID-19

The Disinformation Governance Board was a media law-enforcement strategy to push White House propaganda.

2-Month-Old Baby Dies From Aluminum Poisoning, Vaccines To Blame

Almost a year after his death, a toxicology report revealed that 62-day-old Sawyer died from aluminum poisoning.

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