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Surge in Foreign-Born Jobs, Native-Born Job Numbers Plummet

Amidst the flurry of figures released, a striking detail emerged: a whopping 1.2 million jobs previously held by native-born workers were lost, and, interestingly, this void was filled with a significant rise in foreign-born employment, amounting to 668,000.

75% of US Hospitals Profited from COVID Relief Funds: JAMA Study

Despite the pandemic-related challenges in 2022, such as inflation and rising costs, hospitals' margins continue to show signs of improvement.

U.S. Imports from Russia More than Double Despite Biden’s Tough Talk

"Responsible nations have to come together to hold these perpetrators accountable," Biden told a Washington crowd in April 2022. "We will keep raising the economic cost and ratchet up the pain for Putin and further increase Russia's economic isolation."

Hackers Target Private Info of ChatGPT Users

Over 101,000 compromised ChatGPT account login credentials have been reportedly discovered on dark web marketplaces in the last year as a result of the rising popularity of OpenAI’s AI chatbot.

Biden’s America Pays More for Memorial Day BBQs: Bidenflation

The average American will now pay $27.32 for seven barbecue must-haves, a nearly 9% hike from last year's $25.07.

Biden Admin. Welcomes More Illegals Proposing ‘Free’ Taxpayer-Funded Health Care

The Biden admin. released a rule this week, extending eligibility for taxpayer-funded healthcare to individuals coming into the U.S. illegally.

U.K. Food Prices at Highest Level in Half a Century

Food prices from inflation are the highest in 45 years.

Chinese Yuan Surpasses U.S. Dollar in Trading Volume on Moscow Exchange

The Chinese yuan has surpassed the U.S. dollar in trading volume on the Moscow Exchange due to Russia moving away from transacting in the currencies of "unfriendly" countries amidst sanctions.

Parents Turn to ‘Easter Potatoes’ Due to High Egg Prices, Inflation This Year

Due to the record high costs of eggs this year, many parents are opting to paint potatoes in place of eggs this year.

Woke ChatGPT Admits ‘No Global Warming Since 2015’ When Confronted with Facts

ChatGPT apologized and admitted, "It is correct that NOAA's global temperature data shows that there has been a slowdown in the rate of warming since 2015."

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