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Mike Johnson More Popular Than Kevin McCarthy: Poll

A Rasmussen poll found that new Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (LA) is more popular than Kevin McCarthy (R-CA).

Poll Shows 43% of Americans Oppose Additional Ukraine Aid

Fifty-nine percent of Democrats support further aid.

Conservatives Criticize DeSantis After He Says Trump ‘Lost’ 2020 Election

Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has been criticized by conservatives after he offered a statement on the 2020 election.

Majority of Arizona Voters Believe 2022 Election Outcome Affected by Irregularities: Rasmussen Survey

A recent survey conducted by Rasmussen Reports and College Republicans United reveals that 55% of Likely Arizona Voters believe irregularities in the 2022 Maricopa County election likely affected the outcome of the state's gubernatorial race.

Rasmussen Poll: U.S. Voters ‘Strongly Prefer’ Capitalism to Socialism

Most likely voters in the United States say that capitalism is a better economic system than socialism in the latest poll from Rasmussen Reports.

Mother of COVID Vax-Injured Son Blames Government

The mother of a young man who developed blood clots in his brain nine days after receiving the COVID vaccine is now blaming the government.

‘More Than 1-in-4 Think Someone They Know Died From COVID-19 Vaccines’: Rasmussen Poll

Nearly a third of respondents believe COVID-19 vaccine has killed someone they know, while 49% believe it has caused unexplained deaths.

A Gloomy 2023? Here Are Some Bright Spots

The prospects for peace, justice, and the advancement of liberty in 2023 may at first seem further away than ever.

12 Million Americans Have Suffered Major Side Effect From COVID Shots

Of the 68% of American adults who took a COVID-19 vaccine, 41% say they have suffered at least a minor side effect, according to a Rasmussen poll.

Conservatives Blame ‘McLeadership’ for Midterm Results, Not Trump

A Rasmussen poll suggests Conservatives and Republicans attribute midterm losses to Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, and Ronna McDaniel rather than Donald Trump.

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