Rasmussen Poll

Is Texas’ Heartbeat Act as unpopular as the media says it is? Pro-life professor has doubts

Marist's new abortion survey suffers from misleading wording and results out of step with prior polling.

Majority Of Americans Prefer Trump Border Policy To Biden Open Door

Only one third believe Biden’s border strategy is superior

Only 45% of Americans Trust Joe Biden to Provide Accurate Coronavirus Information

Only 45 percent of Americans trust President Joe Biden to provide accurate Chinese coronavirus information, according to a Tuesday poll by Axios/Ipsos.

Wash Post Poll: Americans Withdrawing Support of Biden Since June

Americans are withdrawing their approval of President Joe Biden amid the swift Taliban takeover and the spread of the COVID-19 delta variant, according to The Washington Post-ABC News' latest poll.

Rasmussen Poll: Just 1 in 3 Says Founders Would Approve of US

Anti-American sentiment is growing under President Joe Biden, according to the latest Rasmussen Reports poll revealed each Fourth of July.

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