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Small Business Owner Says Biden’s Economy Is Still ‘Hurting’ Americans

One Georgia small business owner recently said Biden's economy and inflation are still "hurting" Americans ahead of the 2024 elections.

Trump Vows to Confront Big Pharma and End ‘Global Freeloading’ on American Consumers (Video)

“Crooked Joe Biden likes to pretend he stands up to Big Pharma—but in fact, I was the only President in modern times who EVER took on Big Pharma, and I took it head on," said Trump. "Biden canceled my tough-on-pharma policies the moment he had a chance."

U.S. Wages Crash by Almost 3%

Americans’ wages have dropped by almost 3 percent under President Joe Biden’s high migration, big-spending policies, according to data presented by one of President Barack Obama’s top economists.

Ukraine War Causing Food Shortages In Fragile Middle East

Layal Aswad was already exhausted by Lebanon’s devastating two-year economic collapse. Now, as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine sends food and energy prices soaring even further, she finds herself struggling to put food on the table for her family of four.

White House Unclear Over Russian Oil Ban

White House press secretary Jen Psaki refused to give an answer as to whether the U.S. would ban Russian oil in the daily press briefing Thursday.

‘Vulnerable’ Senate Dems Propose Cutting Gas Tax

Here’s an actual headline good for some laughs: “Vulnerable Senate Dems try to run as tax-cutters.” That howler of a header appeared this week in Politico.  

Biden Economy: Inflation Rose 5.8% In 2021—Most in 39 Years

Prices metric tracked by Federal Reserve rose 5.8% last year, sharpest increase since 1982.

Gas Prices in Some States Expected to Rise Despite Broader Falling Trend

An uptick in the price of wholesale gasoline is squeezing profits at stations that lowered prices most aggressively amid a broader falling trend nationally, with GasBuddy head petroleum analyst Patrick De Haan predicting that prices at the pump in several states will likely shoot up soon.

Christmas Tree Prices Surge Up To 30% Due To Supply Chain Crunch, Shortage Of Truck Drivers

Christmas tree prices are surging as suppliers are struggling to meet demand. Supply chain issues, extreme weather and a growing shortage of truck drivers amid fears of mass firings due to Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate has led to higher prices for both real and artificial trees. Tree prices have spiked upwards of 30%, industry officials told the AP.

U.S. Prices, Wages Rise at Fastest Pace in Decades

Strong consumer demand and supply shortages test economy with rapid uptick in inflation

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