Racial Discrimination

Biden’s Vaccine Mandate — Who’s Fighting Back, and How?

Backlash against Biden’s sweeping COVID vaccine mandate has been swift, and experts say the mandate is unlikely to hold up in court.

Virginia’s Loudoun County Board of Supervisors votes to launch study considering reparations

Supervisor Juli Briskman this week dismissed much of the rhetoric surrounding critical race theory as political

A DOD Official Exposes The Intellectual Bankruptcy Of Diversity

It is rare that U.S. Department of Defense officials, blinded by their zealous pursuit of the latest variant of U.S. military diversity policy, reveal that policy’s intellectual vacuousness.

“Christian Blogger Provides Reasons To Not Take The COVID Vaccine”

The owner of the "Slow to Write" blog offers two persuasive reasons why it's not a good idea to get vaccinated. He also posed a question for those supporting vaccine passports or mandatory vaccinations.

7 Ways The Conservative Movement Should Fight Critical Race Theory

The professional conservative movement should be moving massive amounts of money to support parents' efforts and harden them as a target of this leftist onslaught.

NYT editorial board member ‘disturbed’ by ‘dozens of American flags’ over weekend: Country needs to ‘separate America from whiteness’

A New York Times editorial board member said that she was "disturbed" upon seeing "dozens of American flags" on Americans' vehicles over the weekend and insisted that the country needs to "separate America from whiteness."

WHITES NEED NOT APPLY: NY Accounting Program Bans White People

A summer accounting program sponsored by a number of major New York universities and designed for high school students does not permit white students to apply.

Judge STOPS Biden’s Racist COVID Relief Policy After Trump Advisor Stephen Miller Sued The Administration

Stephen Miller successfully stopped Biden's racist plan to provide support exclusively to restaurants owned by non whites.

White Farmers Sue Biden Over Racial Discrimination In Loan Forgiveness Program

A class action lawsuit was filed last Thursday against the Biden administration by a group of white farmers who say that a farm loan forgiveness program contained in the COVID relief bill makes them ineligible for the program because of their race.

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