Racial Discrimination

NASCAR Driver reinstated After Completing ‘Diversity and Inclusion Training’ For Liking a George Floyd Meme

NASCAR has reinstated driver Noah Gragson after he completed his re-education in diversity and inclusion for liking a meme about George Floyd, NASCAR announced.

Law School Administrators Work To Evade Supreme Court Ban on Affirmative Action

Law school administrators are attempting to work around the Supreme Court's ban on race-based admissions decisions.

Progressive Insurance Sued for Racial Discrimination ‘Against Non-Black Owned Businesses’: America First Legal

America First Legal posits that Progressive's grant program infringes upon U.S. Civil Rights law, as it "discriminates against non-black owned businesses."

Sen. Cotton Takes Aim at Law Firms’ Race-Based DEI Hiring Practices, Warns of Legal Consequences

"Federal law has long prohibited treating employees differently because of their race," Cotton stated in the letters, reminding the firms of the Supreme Court's recent declaration that "eliminating racial discrimination means eliminating all of it."

Republican Attorneys General Demand End to Race-Based Quotas in Hiring Practices in Letter to All Fortune 100 Companies

"[R]acial discrimination under the guise of affirmative action must end," the letter demands

Pelosi and Newsom-Owned Vineyards Waste Management Workers Demand $300 Million in Damages, Cite Hazardous Chemical Exposure and Retaliation

A group of 15 waste management employees who serviced vineyards owned by Democratic leaders Rep. Nancy Pelosi and Gov. Gavin Newsom in California are seeking a hefty $300 million in damages from a Napa Valley landfill.

Sen. Tom Cotton Criticizes Target’s DEI Program as Racially Discriminatory, Threatens Legal Action

Senator Cotton's argument is that Target's race-based initiatives, which purportedly aim to increase diversity and inclusion, may actually contravene federal civil rights laws by actively discriminating based on race.

Fundraising Campaign Surpasses $1 Million to Support French Officer Involved in Fatal Shooting

In the prefecture of Nanterre, Florian M. fatally shot a 17-year-old Algerian-heritage teenager named Nahel, who had a criminal record, during a traffic stop last Tuesday.

Rev. Al Sharpton Threatens To ‘Mobilize’ Against McDonald’s Over Racial Discrimination

Non-profit civil rights activism group National Action Network, headed by Rev. Al Sharpton, has warned it will "mobilize" against McDonald's unless the company addresses accusations of racial discrimination.

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