Viral Video Shows Male Trans Student Brutally Assaulting Female Student at Oregon Middle School: Parents Demand Action (Content Warning)

In a recent disturbing incident at Hazlebrook Middle School, Tualatin, Oregon, a video circulating on social media platforms portrays a male student, identifying as a trans girl, allegedly attacking a female student.

A New Covid ‘Variant’…Just in Time for Election Season!: Ron Paul

The “unvaccinated” are again to be denied basic human rights in the name of fighting a virus that the vaccine demonstrably does not protect against.

Musk to Fund Lawsuits Against Companies That Punish Employees for Activity On X

X owner Elon Musk said over the weekend that his company would stand up for people who are punished by their employers for things they post on his social media platform.

German Abbot Told to Remove Cross at Israel’s Western Wall

Christian persecution is on the rise in Jerusalem.

California High School Suspends Students For Five Days After ‘Misgendering’ Teacher

A California high school suspended two children last year for “misgendering” a teacher, according to a local parent group.

Christian Teacher Who ‘Misgendered’ Student Banned From The Classroom

A Christian teacher in England who used the wrong pronouns for a student has been banned from the profession.

UN Calls for Taliban to End Public Executions, Stonings, Lashings

The United Nations (UN) released a report criticizing the Taliban for its displays of public corporal punishment, including public executions, lashings, and stonings.

Colorado Democrats Vote Against Criminalizing Indecent Exposure to Children

More than two dozen Colorado Democrats have voted against making it a felony for anyone to expose themselves to children.

Students Critique School That Threatened To Punish Those That Protested Transgenders in Bathrooms

Students are speaking out against an Illinois high school that threatened to discipline students who protest the use of bathrooms on the basis of gender identity, rather than biological sex.

Conservatives Rally Around Donald Trump Following Arrest Prediction

Conservatives sounded the alarm following news that former President Donald Trump expects to be arrested on Tuesday based on “illegal leaks” from the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

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