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Clinton’s Debunked 2016 Russia Hoax Was Far Worse Than What Happened on Jan. 6

Everyone who bought Hillary Clinton’s prepaid lies about Trump colluding with Russia to steal the presidency she was “born” to win participated in a far more damaging scheme to cast doubt on an election than anyone who ever wondered why “Sleepy Joe” Biden received more than 81 million votes in the 2020 election.

Donald Trump’s Truth Social Propels Conservatives’ Reach Past Twitter in Few Short Weeks

Examples explode of exact same message getting far more engagement on new platform than on legacy social giant.

Pulitzer Prize-Winning N.Y. Times Reporter Says Jan 6 Media Coverage Was ‘Overreaction,’ F.B.I. Was Involved

NYT reporter seen on camera admitting his January 6 reporting was incorrect and that there were FBI informants amongst those who invaded the Capitol Building.

NY Times Writer Says Media Coverage of Ukraine is ‘Racist’

New York Times journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones claims that the media covering Ukraine depicts "incidents of insidious racism."

America’s Putin Psychosis

The war of words between Russia and the United States over Ukraine escalated further on Tuesday as Russian President Vladimir Putin responded for the first time to the US written reply to Russia’s demands for security guarantees that were expressed in the form of a pair of draft treaties submitted by Moscow to the US and NATO in December.

1619 Project Author Nikole Hannah-Jones Falsely Claimed Civil War Began in 1865

Hannah-Jones later said her tweet was 'poorly worded.'

How The FBI Raid On Project Veritas Helped Protect The New York Times

The FBI's raids on Project Veritas had the effect of protecting not just the Biden family but also The New York Times. It's yet another episode in a long history of the FBI and New York Times wildly abusing their power.

Pulitzer-Winning Art Critic Reveals What Hunter Biden’s Paintings Are Really Worth

Last month, we reported that Hunter Biden’s first solo art show was coming soon and that his paintings were expected to sell for between $75,000 and half a million dollars each.

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