Populations Dropped in 3 Chinese Counties in 2020

Census data for three counties in China’s southeast Sichuan Province revealed that the population drop during the first year of the pandemic was as high as 22 percent.

Province in Highly Vaxxed China Sees Over 88 Million COVID Infections

Eritrea is the least vaccinated country and has reported "0" (zero) coronavirus infections since October 28, 2022.

Mother of COVID Vax-Injured Son Blames Government

The mother of a young man who developed blood clots in his brain nine days after receiving the COVID vaccine is now blaming the government.

Journalist Who Suffered On-Air Medical Emergency Is ‘Vaxxed x3’

Journalist Jessica Robb said in April 2022 she felt "very lucky to be vaxxed x3."

Jordan Peterson Threatened Over Political Tweets

Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson said on Tuesday that may lose his license unless he submits to mandatory “social-media communication retraining” by the College of Psychologists of Ontario, his home province’s licensing authority.

Alberta Passes Law Protecting Citizens’ Rights Against Gov’t Overreach

Alberta's provincial government passes act to defend constitutional rights, shift burden onto federal government to challenge unconstitutional laws.

90% ‘Fully’ Vaxxed China Expected to Suffer ‘1 Million’ COVID Deaths Through 2023: Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME)

Despite high vaccination rates in China, the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation projects that the country will see an "explosion of cases and over a million deaths through 2023," with peak cases and approximately 322,000 deaths expected around April 1, when around one-third of the population is projected to have been infected.

Peru Declares 30-Day State of Emergency Nationwide Amid Civil Unrest Against Gov’t

Anger and frustration among Peruvian citizens has reached a boiling point in the remote rural Andean community of Andahuaylas. Protests continued in the community on Monday, despite the deaths of seven people over the weekend, including 17-year-old Beckham Romario Quispe Garfias.

Two More Chinese Secret Police Stations Discovered in LA, New York

Nonprofit group discovers 48 new CCP-linked police stations.

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