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Christian Councillor Suspended by ‘Conservative’ Party After Calling Pride a Sin

A since-deleted Twitter post led to his suspension.

Kamala Harris Hosts Celebrity Filled Pride Celebration

Vice President Kamala Harris hosted a celebrity-filled Pride event as her approval ratings have hit an all time low.

FBI Issues Statement Regarding Involvement in ‘Proud Boys’ Dispute

The FBI issued a statement Monday, denying they were involved in a fight that broke out during a Pride event in Oregon.

Senate Investigation Finds FBI, DHS ‘Failed’ To Prepare for Jan 6

A new report from a Senate probe into January 6 has found that the FBI and Department of Homeland Security (DHS) "downplayed" warnings before the protest.

Bud Light Sponsors ‘Pride’ Event with Children Exposed to Naked Adults

Bud Light Canada "has been a proud partner of Pride Toronto for the last 10 years," the brand's website reads.

NYC Drag Marchers Shout ‘We’re Coming for Your Children’ at Pride Event

LGBT activists marched through Tompkins Square Park in the East Village of New York City over the weekend, shouting they were coming for "your children."

Transgender Activists Appear Topless at White House Pride Event After Biden Aims to ‘Restore Honor and Decency’ During His Presidency (Video)

Transgender activists filmed themselves flaunting bare chests in front of the White House during President Biden's so-called "Pride Month" celebration over the weekend.

Bud Light Co-Sponsors All-Ages LGBTQ ‘Pride’ Event Amid Dylan Mulvaney Controversy

As stated on the 'Flagstaff Pride' website, the beer brand will have a significant presence at "Pride in the Pines," a party set to take place in Flagstaff, Arizona on June 17.

Man Arrested for Quoting Bible Verse During Pride Event

Damon Atkins has been arrested for quoting a Bible verse during Pennsylvania's "Pride March and Rally."

Human Rights Commissioner in MA Quits After Mocking God, Blasting ‘Trash’ Christians Amid Christmas Tree Spat

A member of a Boston suburb's Human Rights Commission resigned after posting a profanity-laden post to Facebook last week that mocked God and cursed her fellow citizens amid controversy regarding a local library's Christmas trees.

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