Coach Fired for Praying at Football Game Reinstated to Old Role, Gets Nearly $2 Million Settlement

Joseph Kennedy, a high school assistant football coach fired eight years ago for praying on the field with students, returned to his old position and will receive a $1.78 million settlement.

West Virginia Legalizes Open Carry On College Campuses

Republican West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice officially signed a bill into law that allows concealed carry permit holders to carry their firearms on the campuses of state colleges and universities.

Democrat Mayor ‘Does Not Believe’ Leadership Must ‘Separate Church and State’

"When we took prayers out of schools, guns came into schools," said NYC Democrat Mayor Eric Adams said.

Trump Visits Ohio Train Disaster Site: You Are Not Forgotten (Video)

While visiting with East Palestine residents, Trump delivered a direct message to Biden, saying, "Get over here."

Christians Massively Outnumber Satanists During ‘Gender Affirmation’ Stunt at Idaho Capitol

A publicity stunt by a Satanist group in Idaho to perform “gender affirmation rituals” at the state capitol backfired Monday, with the small handful of Satanists who showed up drastically outnumbered by Christian counter-protesters.

Lent to Help ‘Prepare for Persecution’

As Ash Wednesday begins this week, the 40-day period of Lent is seen as "training for and engaging in spiritual warfare," according to The Federalist.

Asbury Awakening Services to End Monday

Asbury’s president said, “As we enter the third week of this renewal movement, our desire is to be faithful to our mission as a student-centric Christian University."

University of the Cumberlands Seeing ‘Evidence of the Lord’s Work’ at Student-Led Worship Gatherings

The University of the Cumberlands is among the Christian institutions experiencing spontaneous worship and prayer services in response to the revival event at Asbury University.

World Missions Alliance Launches Urgent Relief Effort to Assist Earthquake Victims in Turkey

The World Missions Alliance is launching an urgent relief effort to provide assistance to victims of the recent earthquake in Turkey, with donations needed to support the mission.

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