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Fact-Checkers Say Video of Burning Building Reportedly in France Actually in Philippines

Some say video footage of the fire is from May 2023.

Crime in Seattle So Bad Postal Service Forced to Pause Deliveries in Certain Areas

Mail theft in an area of Seattle has gotten so out of hand that the U.S. Postal Service has temporarily paused deliveries to the zip code. 

The Power of Fasting to Produce Miracles

“Believing is powerful, and prayer is powerful, but sometimes we must pray, fast, and expect our miracle,” says Tammy.

Amazon, FedEx, Post Office Warn of Delivery Delays as Winter Weather Persists

Last-minute Christmas shoppers may be left in the cold as major delivery services announce delays as a result of severe winter weather.

Kari Lake Lawsuit Against Maricopa County Exposes Reliance on Third-Party Vendor

A lawsuit filed last week by Arizona Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake exposed Maricopa County's election process flaws.

‘Anything But A Cashless Society’: Physical Money Makes Comeback As UK Households Battle Inflation

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has been pushing hard for a ‘cashless society’ in a post-pandemic world, though physical money has made a comeback...

Cambridge University Will Create Signs to Excuse the ‘Whiteness’ of Its Greek and Roman Statues

At Cambridge University, they’re trying to explain why statues from an ancient era are white.

20 Million Mail-in Ballots Raise Fraud Fears

Voter fraud concerns mounting in tight California recall election In social media posts and news outlets, proliferating reports detail alleged mail ballot theft, undelivered ballots,...

Sixteen million mystery ballots demonstrate the need for vote-integrity efforts

A new report from the Public Interest Legal Foundation, a conservative group specializing in voting laws, makes abundantly clear why widespread mail-in balloting is a horrible idea.

The Post Office Is Reportedly Running a “Covert Operations Program” to Monitor Your Social Media

The United States Postal Service has a questionable new program.

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