The Power of Fasting to Produce Miracles


Miracles are anything you need that is beyond your personal ability to accomplish. Jesus said in Matthew 17:21 that some things only happen by prayer and fasting. “Believing is powerful, and prayer is powerful, but sometimes we must pray, fast, and expect our miracle,” says Tammy. Fasting has become a part of her personal practice for many years now, but when God began to speak to her heart about fasting for miracles, it took her to a new level.

Some of the great figures of the Bible all experienced breakthroughs after they spent time fasting. Even though Scripture links fasting and miracles many churches do not teach about the powerful practice of fasting. “Some seasons of your life are not ordinary and require something more than ordinary faith,” reveals Tammy. Fasting is an act of obedience that opens the windows of Heaven for you. 

It is a spiritual discipline that goes against the flesh and involves sacrifice so when you fast do so with the right heart or the right motive. Get away from the normal distractions as much as possible, and keep your heart and mind fixed on seeking God’s face. Some benefits of fasting include: (1) helps you to overcome personal challenges and conflicts, (2) opens your communication with God for clarity and communion, (3) empowers you to walk in the Spirit and live out your testimony, and (4) helps you defeat the devil.


“The absence of miracles today is not due to reluctance on God’s part but rather a lack of understanding of how God works and a lack of prayer,” shares Tammy. Tammy has seen God move through the supernatural and do miracles in her own life and those around her through prayer and fasting: 

Personal Miracles

• The first miracle Tammy experienced was when her son was born premature. His lung collapsed and the diagnosis was grim. Doctors said he might not even make it through the night and if he did, he might be in a vegetative state. Tammy went into prayer mode and exercised her faith. She called out to God, “I believe in You, and I need a miracle.” Six weeks later she left the hospital with her completely healed son. This challenging time changed her understanding of faith and helped her to believe in miracles. 

Community at Influence Church Miracles

• Influence Church meets in a former post office. There is a large wall of stones when you enter the facility. This is their prayer wall and it is filled with thousands of prayer requests wedged between the stones. One day, two Muslim women visited their church and were invited to add a prayer request to the prayer wall. One of the women began to cry and explain that she had a sixteen-year-old son with a brain tumor. She placed her request in the wall. A few weeks later they returned to the church to give a report of praise and thanksgiving. After going to the doctor tests revealed the tumor was gone. The women gave praise to Jesus for the miracle and the prayer wall. Tammy believes, “God wants us to know He wants to heal everyone.” 

Biblical Miracles

•    One of Tammy’s favorite stories in the Bible is about Anna, a prophetess. She was a widow in her eighties who had not given up on seeing the answer to her prayer.  She stood day and night in the temple courtyard in prayer and fasting, believing that one day her eyes would see Jesus. Anna’s fast fueled her faith. In God’s timing, Anna saw Mary and Joseph walk into the temple with Jesus to do for Him according to the custom of the Law. Her prayer was answered.
•    Another story of God’s power and provision for His people in the Bible is the story of Esther. She knew she needed wisdom from God to overcome Haman’s plot to get rid of the Jews. Esther sent out a decree that all the Jews in the land were to fast for three days and nights and ask God to give her favor as she approached the king with a request. The people fasted and prayed. God’s people were protected and evil agendas were revealed. 


On January 21, 2023 Tammy is inviting churches and individuals to join her for the corporate Fasting for Miracles campaign and take the 21-day journey. She provides daily video episodes on her website at to guide and encourage you along the way.


Tammy is an author, speaker, life coach, and the founder of a national women’s movement, Women of Influence. She has a passion for equipping others to embrace their natural abilities, personal passions, and spiritual gifts. She is the President of Total Life Coach, LLC, a coaching company with an emphasis on life balance, purpose, and reinvention.

Tammy and her husband, Phil, are the co-founders of Influence Church in Anaheim Hills, California. Their innovative ministry reaches people of all ages and backgrounds, offering support and encouragement to those in the entertainment industry, stay-at-home moms, business executives, young adults, and everyone in between. From writing to speaking to traveling abroad, Tammy’s days are rooted in creating a life that mirrors her passions, developing her strengths, and encouraging those around her to do the same. Her experiences have led her to publish eight books and many other practical personal resources. Tammy and Phil live in Orange County, California, and are blessed with three amazing children, their equally incredible spouses, and seven grandchildren.