Biden Appeals to Black Voters in Philadelphia, Criticizes Trump on Handling of George Floyd Protests

President Joe Biden, campaigning in Philadelphia on Wednesday, accused former President Donald Trump of wanting to tear gas those who "peacefully protested" George Floyd's...

Republican Attorney Generals Sue White House, California Over Gas-Powered Truck Limits

A group of Republican attorneys general took legal action this week against the Biden administration and California over new emissions limits for trucks.

Scientists Claim Aroma of Food Damages Air Quality

A study from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) found that cooking pollutes the air.

G7 Countries Seek to Phase Out Coal-Fired Power Plants

G7 nations agreed to end the use of coal-fired power plants by 2035.

UCLA Study Claims Climate Change Disproportionately Affects LGBTQ People

The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Williams Institute School of Law published a study claiming that LGBTQ people are at greater risk for climate change effects.

Biden Spending $1.5 Billion for ‘Net-Zero’ Freight Industry

The Biden administration is planning to spend $1.5 billion to electrify the freight industry.

Biden Announces $7 Billion in Solar Projects

The Biden administration announced a $7 billion project to "deliver solar to more than 900,000 low-income and disadvantaged households nationwide through the President’s Investing in America agenda," according to a press release from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Study Finds Power Grid Emissions 24,000x More Potent than CO2

A study from MIT found that sulfur hexafluoride, a gas more than 24,000x more potent than carbon dioxide, is released through electric power grids.

Biden Admin Provides $20 Billion to Climate Change Efforts

Eight nonprofit organizations combatting so-called climate change are to receive $20 billion from the Biden administration.

Daughter of Former Climate Envoy John Kerry Says ‘Net Zero’ Compliance ‘No Longer a Choice’

Vanessa Kerry, the daughter of Biden's former climate envoy John Kerry, said at COP28 that public compliance in "net zero" targets is "no longer a choice."

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