Gordon Ramsay’s London Pub Seized by Squatters Threatening Legal Action if Evicted

A group of "professional squatters" have taken over a London pub owned by chef Gordan Ramsay and are threatening legal action against anyone who tries to kick them out, according to a report.

New Biden Administration Rule Targets Gun Show Sales, Faces NRA Criticism

The Biden administration advanced a rule on Thursday that moves toward requiring individuals selling firearms online and at gun shows to conduct background checks...

Mayo Clinic Study Finds Puberty Blockers Cause Fertility Issues

A new study by Mayo Clinic has found that boys who take puberty blockers may suffer atrophied testes and fertility issues.

Biden Administration Reaffirms LGBTQ+ Support Following Pope’s Gender Theory Rejection

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre addressed questions on Monday regarding Pope Francis' recent declaration condemning gender theory, emphasizing President Biden's support for the...

Study Finds Trans Identity in Children Merely a Phase

A fifteen-year study found that children claiming a transgender identity eventually grew out of it.

Pro-Life Activists Receive FACE Act Convictions After Protesting Outside Abortion Clinic

Four pro-life activists are facing FACT Act convictions for peacefully protesting outside of a Tennesee abortion clinic in 2021.

Tennessee Bill Protects Christian Foster Families from LGBT Movement

Tennessee lawmakers passed a bill that forbids the government from barring parents against the LGBT movement from fostering and adopting children.

STI Rates Soar Among Older Adults, Prompting Concern Among Health Experts

Sexually transmitted infections are on the rise among older adults, with rates of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis more than doubling in the United States...

Chelsea Clinton Advocates for Barron Trump’s Privacy

Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton, defended Barron Trump's privacy rights during an appearance on ABC's "The View."

‘Minority Stress’ Among LGBTQ Leads to Cancer, Study Claims

The American Cancer Society (ACS) published a study claiming that "minority stress" affecting LGBTQ individuals increases their propensity to develop cancer.

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