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Psaki Says Biden Regime Won’t Mandate Vaccines For Illegal Migrants Because ‘It’s Not The Same Thing’ As Forcing It On U.S. Citizens

"I don't think it's the same thing, it's not the same thing, these are individuals as we've noted and as we've been discussed... "

Super Spreader Event: Obama Reportedly Plans Big Birthday Party With Hundreds Of Guests

Ex-President Barack Hussein Obama turns 60 on Wednesday, and he’s reportedly splurging on a star-studded birthday bash at his family’s beachfront house on Martha’s Vineyard this weekend. The house is worth approximately $12 million.

WATCH: White House can’t imagine firing Fauci

The White House finally fielded questions from reporters on Friday about the massive cache of emails that emerged from FOIA requests for Dr. Anthony Fauci's emails this week.

Psaki Gets NASTY When Reporter HAMMERS Her With Tough Questions

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