Why Are Conservatives Happier Than Liberals?

It may be one of the most surefire findings in all of social psychology, repeatedly replicated over almost five decades of study: American conservatives...

‘Sesame Street’ Pushes COVID Vaccine for Children Under the Age of Five

Elmo received a COVID-19 vaccine in a recent “Sesame Street” PSA that encourages parents to vaccinate their children.

Industrial Chicken Farms — Not Wild Birds — To Blame for Bird Flu Epidemic

We’re in the midst of the largest-ever outbreak in North America.

White House ‘Lied & Got Caught’: Admits to Lying About Lack of Vaccines When Biden Entered Office

After getting called out for falsely stating that COVID-19 vaccines were not available when President Biden entered office last year, the White House has issued a tweet admitting the inaccuracy of its claim.

Hillary Clinton Says the Election Isn’t About Disagreement, It’s About the ‘Rise of Authoritarianism’ and a ‘Direct Attack’ on Democracy

Hillary Clinton characterized the 2024 election as not of one between two parties disagreeing about policy, but about the "rise of authoritarianism" and a "direct attack" on democracy.

High Independent Support Helps Give GOP Edge in Midterm Poll

Independents are breaking toward the GOP by 7 percentage points, helping to give Republicans running for Congress the strongest public support they have seen in a decade, with just six months to go until the midterm election, according to a PBS News Hour/NPR/Marist poll released on Monday.

Parents of Kids Under 18 Almost Twice as Likely to Vote Republican Over Democrat, New Poll Finds

Parents of children under 18 are nearly twice as likely to vote for Republican candidates over Democratic counterparts.

Fauci Backtracks, Says COVID Pandemic Isn’t Over Yet

National Institute of Heath director clarifies earlier comments that led listeners to believe the coronavirus pandemic had passed.

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