California Bill Seeks To Provide Abortions, Trans Treatment In States Where It’s Banned

A new bill in California, SB 345, seeks to protect doctors who provide abortion medication by mail to women in states where the medication, or the procedure itself, is banned.

Woman To Sue Health Care Providers That Gave Her a Sex Change Operation At 13

an 18-year-old who identified as transgender in adolescence before outgrowing it, plans to sue the hospital system and health care providers involved in her medical transition.

Professor Criticizes ‘Anti-Biological’ Lesson Instructing Students to Call Women ‘People With Cervices’

An Indiana University School of Medicine professor claimed a lesson given to first-year medical students is "anti-biological" and has “very detrimental effects to the health care profession."

Patient Develops Brain Inflammation After Receiving COVID Vax: Frontiers in Immunology

A case report in the medical journal Frontiers in Immunology highlights a rare case of a patient developing rheumatoid encephalitis after receiving a booster immunization of the mRNA-1273 COVID-19 vaccine, raising concerns about potential adverse reactions to the vaccine.

Questions Arise Surrounding Senator John Fetterman Latest Hospital Stay

Questions are beginning to mount about what is going on with Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA) after he reportedly co-sponsored legislation this week despite being hospitalized in a mental health facility.

COVID Vax Should Be Designated ‘Pregnancy Category X’: Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. James Thorp

Dr. Thorp offers to testify in lawsuits against those promoting the vaccine and accuses the medical industry of corruption and unethical practices.

Bill Would Ban ‘Vaccinated’ Donors From Giving Blood Due to ‘High-Count Spike Proteins’

A bill proposed in Montana seeks to bar people injected with Covid-19 mRNA jabs from donating to a blood bank.

Busting Five Myths of Gender Ideology

Scrutinizing the claims of gender ideology, it soon becomes apparent how incoherent they are.

New Study Links COVID Vax to Rare Neurological Condition

A study reports three cases of immune-mediated demyelination of the brain and spinal cord in patients who had recently received a COVID-19 vaccine, "likely" linking the two.

Biden Admin. Proposes New Restrictions Making It Harder For Americans To Get Certain Medications

President Joe Biden’s administration is proposing implementing greater restrictions that would make it harder for Americans to get certain medications.

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