Crisis Pregnancy Centers That Democrats Smeared as ‘Fake Clinics’ Saved 800,000 Lives Since 2016

In the wake of Democrats’ attempts to hide pro-life pregnancy centers in Google search results, a new analysis reveals that since 2016 pro-life clinics have saved over 800,000 human lives by providing local women the support they need to carry their children to term.

Fatherly: Taking Your Kids to Pride Parades Is Absolutely Fatherly: Taking Your Kids to Pride Parades Is Absolutely Necessary

Writing in Fatherly, a website meant to help men become better fathers, Heather Tirado Gilligan unironically promotes Pride Parades as appropriate for children. They’re educational tools and the best way to make children allies to the LGBT movement.

Kirk Cameron Encourages Parental Involvement in Education for Biblical Transformation of Culture

The actor and author highlighted the importance of parents' participation in a child's education and how the biblical transformation of culture begins at home.

Conservative Women Are Used to Unequal Treatment. We’re Successful in Spite of It.

As a conservative woman, last month's Supreme Court confirmation hearings were difficult to watch.

4 Big Takeaways From the New York Times’s Attempt to Control the Hunter Biden Narrative

A closer look at The New York Times’ reporting on Hunter Biden shows Biden’s team may be laying the groundwork ahead of an even bigger story.

Kanye West Isn’t Just Clashing With Pete Davidson, He’s Clashing With Secular Culture: The Federalist

A central struggle seems to be West’s concerns over leftist and secular influences introduced to his children when they’re with their mother.

Toxic Mothers Are as Bad for Children as Absent Fathers

The impact absent fathers have on the social and emotional development of children has been a topic of discussion for decades. Dads who abandon their responsibilities to protect and provide for their children are rightly criticized by those who care about the well-being of kids.

Meet the Sex Shop Founder Who Is Grooming Children Through Books in School Libraries

A book in schools that’s come under fire from parents was written by an author with a concerning – and previously unreported – resumé.

Trump: ‘Mitch McConnell Does Not Speak for the Republican Party’

"He did nothing to fight for his constituents and stop the most fraudulent election in American history," President Trump said of the Senate Minority Leader.

Should you Homeschool?

There’s been an explosion in the popularity of homeschooling over the last two years. Here’s why, and how you can get started with homeschooling

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