United Nations ‘Youth Adviser’ Blames Climate Change on Capitalism and White Men

The United Nations has selected a new "youth adviser" named Ayisha Siddaqa who blames climate change on capitalism and white men.

Biden Funds Border Security for Foreign Countries, Excludes U.S.

The recently passed $1.2 trillion budget bill allocates a significant amount of funds for overseas border efforts.

Teenage Victim on Titan Sub Was ‘Terrified’ of Underwater Dive According to Family

The youngest victim on the OceanGate Titan submarine incident that killed five people was apparently “terrified” of the underwater dive to view the Titanic’s resting place.

Pope Francis Condemns Traffickers Responsible for Migrant Deaths

Pope Francis has called out the human traffickers behind a recent shipwreck in southern Italy that resulted in the deaths of scores of migrants.

The Flight of Afghan Christians to Pakistan

Christians and other refugees looking to leave Afghanistan have few choices. Neighboring Pakistan had potential exit routes, but the Pakistani government has clamped down on refugees wishing to enter the country.

59 People Killed, Nearly 150 More Injured in Mosque Pakistan Explosion

At least 59 people have been killed and hundreds more injured in Pakistan from a deadly mosque explosion.

Pakistan Flood Death Toll Tops 1,300

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Wednesday visited some of the flood-hit areas that cover as much as a third of the South Asian nation, where 18 more deaths took the toll from days of rain to 1,343.

Wired Promotes White Genocide, Fantasizes About ‘a Future Without White People’

Wired Magazine promoted White genocide in a recent article that fantasized about “a future without White people” while profiling a book titled “The Last White Man,” a fictional novel authored by a Pakistani author who enjoys British citizenship and was educated in the United States.

Four Shootings in Three Days in Multicultural Birmingham

The multicultural city of Birmingham, England, experienced four shooting incidents over a three-day period, one of them fatal.

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