JP Morgan CEO Defends World Economic Forum’s ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’

“I’m not woke. And I think people are mistaking the stakeholder capitalism thing for being woke,” Jamie Dimon.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw Paid by These Weapons Manufacturers as He Pushes $Billions in Military Aid to Ukraine

Crenshaw financed by Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, and more.

Republicans Approve $40 Billion to Ukraine While America Suffers at Its Own Southern Border

See the list of House Republicans who approved the bill, including Cheney, Crenshaw, Kinzinger, McCarthy.

Godly Values in Government Needed to Avoid Socialist Path, Pennsylvania Rally Says

A prayer rally was held on the steps of the Pennsylvania State Capitol on May 2 out of concern that America was heading towards socialism.

Republican Swing Voter Registration Half Million Away From Democrats Across 5 Battleground States Since 2020

Republicans have made serious gains in voter registration, sharply cutting into Democrat advantages across key battleground states since November 2020, according to data from Secretaries of State in Pennsylvania, Florida, North Carolina, Iowa, and Nevada.

Judge Ousts Five School Board Members After Pennsylvania Parent Petition

A Pennsylvania judge on Tuesday ordered five elected school directors be immediately kicked off the nine-member West Chester Area School board.

Majority of Americans Don’t Believe Biden Will Seek Second Term in 2024

A slight majority of Americans — 52 percent — don’t expect President Biden to run for re-election in 2024, citing his age, feeble favorability ratings and his response to inflation and rising prices, according to a survey released Tuesday.

Texas Republicans, Democrats Battle Over Who Is to Blame for 10,000 Uncounted Primary Ballots

Democrats and Republicans are each pointing at the other party over who is to blame for the 10,000 uncounted ballots from the 2022 Texas primary.

Dr. Oz’s Ties To Pharma, Tech Complicate Anti-Corporate Campaign Claims

While Republican Pennsylvania Senate candidate Dr. Mehmet Oz has billed himself as a staunch opponent of big corporations, his ties to major technology and pharmaceutical corporations complicate his campaign rhetoric.

Jan 6 Defendant Matthew Perna Commits Suicide, Family Confirms

Matthew Perna, a Trump supporter who was arrested and charged with non-violent trespassing crimes following the January 6 election protests, has committed suicide. According to Perna’s family, his suicide came as the DOJ planned to tack on extra charges. Perna’s passing was confirmed by American Greatness reporter Julie Kelly.

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