Hospitals Refusing Gender Transition Surgeries May Lose Federal Funding

Biden's Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra declared during a House Education and Workforce Committee hearing that hospitals refusing to provide sex-change surgeries for children may lose federal funding.

Biden to Announce Major Border Policy Amid Political and Legal Challenges

President Joe Biden is expected to announce a significant border control policy in June, according to advocates and Hill aides. White House and Department...

TikTok Users Sue U.S. Government, Cite Free Speech

TikTok content creators have filed a lawsuit against the U.S. government, alleging the possible ban of the social media platform infringes upon the First Amendment.

$80 Million Spent by George Soros for Censorship Efforts Ahead of 2024 Election

George Soros has already provided $80 million for censorship efforts ahead of the 2024 presidential election, according to a report by Newsbusters.

Biden Faces Impeachment Threat Amid Controversy Over Israel Weapons Policy

President Joe Biden is facing criticism for his threat to halt weapons shipments to Israel if it enters Rafah, a move that may fuel...

Rep. Cory Mills Drawing Articles of Impeachment Against Biden

Representative Cory Mills (R-FL) is drawing articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden due to his delay of weapons for Israel.

American Tourist Arrested in Russia For Being Drunk in Public

An American visiting Russia has allegedly been arrested for breaking a window at a children’s library after a night of drinking.

Trump Responds to Investigation Finding that CIA Withheld Information, Spied on Him

Cyber Operations manager for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Amjad Anton Fseisi revealed to an undercover journalist with O'Keefe Media Group (OMG) that the agency intentionally withheld information from Donald Trump while he was president.

Police Disperse UCLA Protest as Biden Calls for Lawful Demonstrations

President Joe Biden has called for pro-Palestinian demonstrators on college campuses to respect the rule of law, emphasizing civil society and the need for...

Moderna Sees $1.2 Billion Loss in First Quarter

Moderna reported a $1.2 billion loss in the first quarter of 2024.

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