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Trump says vaccine mandates ‘shouldn’t be necessary,’ blasts Democrats for ‘disparaging’ current Covid jabs under his presidency

Though Republicans are often blamed for lagging Covid-19 vaccination rates, former President Donald Trump is blaming Democrats like Kamala Harris for any hesitancy, for “disparaging” the vaccines while he was president.

A Legacy of Corruption in the FDA and Big Pharma

Our healthcare system is broken, a fact nobody would have disputed in precovid days. Regulatory capture is a reality, and the pharmaceutical industry is fraught with examples. Yet we trusted private-public partnerships to find an optimal solution to a global pandemic, assuming a crisis would bring out the best in historically corrupt institutions.

Trump Calls Pfizer Vax Booster a ‘Money-Making Operation,’ ‘Crazy’

"That sounds to me like a money-making operation for Pfizer."

NYT Op-Ed Blames Trump for Low U.S. Vax Rate—But Trump Is Pro-Vax

Though Trump's Operation Warp Speed increased Covid-19 vaccination distribution, The New York Times ran an opinion piece claiming Americans are "turning away a vaccine" because they're "slavishly devoted to Trump."

Trump on Vax: ‘People Have to Make That Choice for Themselves’ (Video)

President Donald Trump is "tremendously proud" of his admin.'s vaccine rollout, but says the choice to vaccinate is "somebody’s choice, somebody’s freedom."

Fauci Credits Trump’s ‘Wise Investment’ for COVID Vax

Dr. Fauci praised Trump's Operation Warp Speed for accelerating the development of the gene-based Covid-19 vaccine.

Admiral Giroir: We Can’t Rule Out Wuhan Coronavirus Was Engineered as a Bioweapon

During an interview with Fox News Thursday morning former Assistant Secretary of Health Dr. Brett Giroir, a key figure in Operation Warp Speed, said investigators should not rule out the possibility Wuhan coronavirus was not only manipulated in a lab, but could be a Chinese Communist Party biological weapon.

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