After Major Info Leak, Establishment Media Finally Reports Extensively on Chinese ‘re-Education Camps’

After a major leak of information the establishment media can no longer deny what many of us already knew — the communist Chinese government is the enemy of the world.

Woke Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe Adds to Subway’s Failure in 2021, Over 1,000 Stores Close Amid Backlash

Subway has struggled in the year since it hired soccer star and left-wing activist Megan Rapinoe as a national spokeswoman, with hundreds of stores closing across the nation.

House Republicans Introduce Resolution Declaring Emma Weyant the ‘Rightful Winner’ of NCAA Title Over Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas

'We cannot allow woke nonsense to shatter dreams and undermine legitimate women's accomplishments'

N.B.A. Denies Enes Kanter Freedom Blackballed by League for Criticizing China

Adam Silver, NBA Commissioner, says Enes Kanter Freedom was never blackballed from the league for speaking out about human rights issues.

World Economic Forum Pushes for ‘Global Economy’ Modeled After China

"Great Reset"-pushing World Economic Forum praises China's "advanced" economy and its "promising forecasts."

Just 36% Approve of Biden on Russia-Ukraine

President Joe Biden's overall approval rating is in the low 40s, but Americans are even more sour on his handling of foreign affairs (just 40% approve), particularly on his handling of Russia's threat to Ukraine (36% approve), according to the latest Gallup Poll released Tuesday.

NBC Olympics Ratings Tank

The fool’s gold medal for the least-watched Winter Olympics goes to NBC.

German TV Presenter Pushes for Mandatory Vaccination – Then Collapses Live On-Air

Reporter begins mumbling unintelligibly and stares blankly, before appearing to fall over. German TV presenter's black out is similar to other fainting spells witnessed in recent weeks, with many suspecting experimental Covid jab to blame.

Ukraine Crisis: A Nightmare Caused by US Interventionism

Over the weekend we heard that the US is evacuating its embassy in Kiev for fear of a Russian invasion. We also heard that Russia is evacuating its embassy in Kiev for fear of a US-backed provocation in eastern Ukraine that may lead to a Russian military response.

Top Chinese Whistleblower Warns CCP Deploying Hemorrhagic Fever Virus at Winter Olympics

Chinese Communist Party already unleashing much deadlier viruses as part of accelerated plan to overthrow the U.S. as the hegemonic power and dominate the Earth, she says.

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